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ScreenVirtuoso records desktop activity as AVI video file. Can optionally record sound and synchronize it with video. Allows you to convert AVI files to MPEG-1/2/4,VCD/SVCD/DVD,FLV/SWF,WMV video formats (PRO). Supports hotkeys, video annotation, timer, video scaling, screenshots and more. SWF Producer (Screencast) allows you to prepare your video for the Web, change the frame rate value, add the player, logo, HTML page, and more (example).

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Main Features:

  • Screen Area Selection: you can easily select any rectangular screen area, window or full desktop.
  • Video Setup: output file name, video compressor, frame rate value, overlays disabling, and more.
  • Multiple Video Codecs: supports popular video compressors such as XviD, DivX, and more.
  • Audio Setup: audio quality, volume, audio device/input, compressor and more.
  • Multiple Audio Codecs: supports popular audio compressors such as MP3, Windows Media Audio, and more.
  • Control Panel: Control Panel is a small popup window which helps you to control the recording. It has three control buttons: Stop, Pause/Resume and Interval to capture a video interval.
  • Pause/Resume Commands: you can pause/resume the recording by using the control panel buttons or via the keyboard hotkeys.
  • Screen Area Moving: Allows to move a screen area during the recording.
  • Performance Test: special Test button allows you to evaluate the recording performance in real FPS (frames per second). A real FPS value may differ from the specified FPS due to the hardware performance. Real FPS always <= Specified FPS. Click Here to learn more.
  • Hotkeys: Hotkey is a key or set of keys that perform a predefined function. These functions can also be done via the menu or toolbar. By reducing such sequences to a few keystrokes, this can often save the user time. Available hotkeys are: Start/Stop, Pause/Resume, Interval.
  • Video Annotation: allows you to annotate videos during the recording. You can also create your own notes and notes libraries. Consider to use our NoteMaker video editor to easily create advanced annotations!
  • FM Screen Capture Codec: lossless video codec to create demonstrations/tutorials. More...
  • AVI Conversion: sometimes you may need to encode AVI video by using another video/audio compressor.
  • Start/Stop Timer: allows you to start/stop the recording on timer event.
  • Monolithic Architecture: Both Standard and Professional editions do not require installation.You can easily transfer ScreenVirtuoso to another computer or run it from removable media (flash drive, for example).
  • Multiple Monitor Support: Both Standard and Professional editions support multiple monitors. For example, ScreenVirtouso running on the primary monitor allows you to capture videos from secondary monitor.
  • Overlays Disabling (XP/2000/Me/98): Overlay is a hardware accelerated graphic object that is painted 'over' the screen. Capture programs simply do not see them! Media Players often use overlays to play videos. Usually, the result of capture is a 'black screen' if the overlays are enabled.
  • Scale videos on the fly: Both Professional and Standard editions allow you to reduce videos on the fly.
  • Watch & Decide: Watch & Decide mode allows to stop the recording automatically if there are no changes on the screen, and start it again when changes are detected.
  • FLV/SWF Converter: FLV/SWF Converter allows you to csonvert your videos to Adobe Flash movies. You can also change video and audio settings: size, frame rate, video guality, and more. A converter has two video codecs: Screen Video (lossless) and H.263 (lossy).
  • MPEG Converter: MPEG Converter allows you to convert AVI files to MPEG-1, MPEG-2, VCD/SVCD/DVD, QuickTime MPEG-4 compatible formats.
  • WMV Converter: WMV Converter enables you to convert AVI files to WMV videos. WMV file is an alertative method to publish your videos on the Web.
  • AVI Plus: Width AVI Plus Video Processor you can change the video/audio codec, change audio parameters, merge several AVI, MPEG, WMV files into a one AVI file, change a video size, set a new frame rate value.
  • Command Line: Command Line Interface allows you to control ScreenVirtuoso from the command line by using a tiny svctl.exe utility .
  • Mr. Captor: Powerful screen capture software to capture still images: regions, windows, menu, cursors, colors and more. Extracts images from EXE, DLL files. Supports a variety of graphic formats. Has a lot of additional features. More...
  • Screenshots: This feature allows you to capture screenshots in the running/stopped/paused mode.
  • SWF Producer: SWF Producer (Screencast) allows you to prepare your video for the Web, change the frame rate value, add the player, logo, HTML page, and more (example)

And much more...