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This tutorial explains how to add notes and transitions to sample video and export it as AVI, WMV and FLASH file. Click title to play video.

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Sample video: How to use Window DVD Maker to burn DVD

Sample video demonstrates how to burn DVD with help of Windows DVD Maker. We have used our ScreenVirtuoso software to record it but you can use another program. Third party AVI, WMV and MPEG videos are acceptable. We will annotate it by adding notes and applying transitions/effects. Output video is the result of editing. Note: we use this video only for tutorial purposes, hovewer you can use any AVI, MPEG or WMV video.
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Create a project and prepare workspace for editing

Create a new project, save it, and prepare NoteMaker's workspace for video editing. Close video panel or scale video to increase a space for editing if needed.
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Create a first note

Create a callout note, change its location, orientation and size, set a new text and change its position/alignment. Start/Stop/Navigate video.
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Group operations

Scale a timeline, view all notes, select a group of notes by mouse, change a group color, border width/color, unselect a group of notes.
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Adding transitions/effects

Add the Fade-In effect to the beginning of video and the Fade-Out effect to the end of video. Change the effect duration.
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Export the result to the video file

Display the export dialog, choose a video format, change the default video parameters, run the export process, play output video.
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Output video

Output video is the result of editing.

More tutorials coming soon...