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The below list contains a detailed description of currently supported features.
If you want to suggest a new feature, please suggest it.


  • Video window that displays current video. and objects
  • Video panel to display video properties: video size, duration, codecs and more.
  • Timeline window for various objects.
  • Property editor to edit object properties.
  • Video/timeline scaling.
  • Fully customizable interface.


  • Creates/saves/loads your work (including images and sounds) as .nmk projects.
  • Resolves a video path automatically.


  • Many predfined object you can add to video: callouts, arrows, images (GIF, JPEG, BMP), lines, text, outlines, sounds (WAV, MP3, WMA, AU, AIFF), narrations (WAV, MP3).
  • Custom images are also allowed.
  • Various transitions you can add to video: Fade-In, Fade-Out, and much more.
  • Object editor to change object properties: position, size, text, font and more.
  • Visual editing by mouse.
  • Choosing a transparent color for images.


  • Play/Stop/Start/End commands.
  • Tracking bar, volume control and repeat mode.
  • Preview mode to view the result of editing in real time.

Input files

  • Accepts AVI, MPEG, WMV video files.
  • Installed video/audio codecs are supported.


  • AVI
    • video/audio codec, codec configuration, sample rate, channels, keyframe value
  • WMV
    • video/audio quality, media player, custom media profile: .prx
    • format: FLV/SWF, video codec: H263/Screen Video, audio codec: MP3/ADPCM, sample rate, bitrate, media player (only FLV), skins.
  • Video size/frame rate changing.


  • Built-in Audio Recorder to add narrations (MP3/WAV).
  • Lossless video codec for demonstrations/tutorials.
  • Built-in MP3 compressor to avoid problems in Vista/Windows 7.